About Us

About Us

Empower International of Thailand

Empower International of Thailand gives priority to help underprivileged children and young adults to achieve quality education. There are many underprivileged children in Thailand such as the poor and orphaned children, as well as many young adults are not attending high school because of the lack of money. Some of them have to work full time just to provide for themselves and their family.

If children must work full time from the time they are young they miss the opportunity to achieve quality education. They miss opportunities to improve their potential and to become influential citizens which is an important position to achieve for social and economic development. Children are the future of every nation. If today, we empower children and young adults to improve their education, talents, and character we also help the future of the nation.

Our Vision

“Empower next generation leaders to change the world with positive, proactive solutions.”


“Love | Humility | Excellence | Integrity | Hard work | Relationship”

  • We empower next-generation leaders through mentoring, resources, and accountability.
  • We empower local pastors to plant strong, vibrant, solution oriented churches in their communities.

  • Empower Education Project – We empower children through education to break the cycle of poverty, expand their possibilities, and have hope for a bright future.

  • Children’s Homes – We build children’s homes to rescue orphans and protect young children from exploitation. 

  • Human Trafficking Prevention – Through our partnership with ZOE and other organizations, we work to stop human trafficking.
  • We provide new water wells in MaeSod to provide clean water for their communities.
  • Young adult program in ChiangMai empowering young people to grow spiritually and to inspire them to be disciples of Jesus.

Board Of Directors Of Empower International Foundation, Thailand

Mr.Phichai Chaitun

Ms.Kanlaya Potisan

Ms.Pikul Chinnawong

Todd and Julie Powers

Founders of Empower International

Todd and Julie founded Empower International with the purpose of empowering next-generation leaders. In 2003, they left their jobs in the US, sold everything they owned, and moved to Thailand with their two young daughters, Stephanie and Tiffany. Having begun their journey of Christian ministry together in 1985, Todd and Julie have influenced people in over 60 countries around the world, and they continue to lead Empower International with a heart to see peoples’ lives transformed by their message.

Before moving overseas, Todd and Julie directed Victory World Missions Training Center in Tulsa, OK, and pioneered Heritage of Faith Bible Institute in Fort Worth, TX. Todd has earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his master’s degree in Religious Education, and Julie has earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. They hold their professional credentials with Victory Leadership Network in Tulsa, OK.