Distributing food supplies at MaeToh village.

Since Covid-19 pandemic spread quickly and effected people around the world our foundation has helped distribute food supplies for people in many locations including MaeToh, ChiangMai and MaeSod, Tak.


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Empower International helps schools in various communities by arranging activities and distributing gifts for underprivileged children. During the Covid 19 pandemic Empower has helped to prioritize children’s healthcare by distributing hand sanitizer and masks in those communities.
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Hello! My name is Aon. I grew up in a small rural village. I am the third of 4 siblings. My family was poor farmers. At that time, I could only complete grade 6 level education.
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Empower International distributes shoes for children in the schools and villages because many children’s family’s lack money to buy new shoes. We not only give the children new shoes but also prioritize a day of fun activities. We love to bless people.