Testimony of a life transformed

Hello! My name is Aon. I grew up in a small rural village. I am the third of 4 siblings. My family was poor farmers. At that time, I could only complete grade 6 level education. When I was 14 years old, I decided to work in Bangkok as a housekeeper. But every month I sent money back home to help my family. When I was 22 years old my mother developed paralysis so she couldn’t walk. After few years, she died and I was very depressed. When my father remarried, I became angry and our relationship was strained. I felt like he doesn’t love me so didn’t contact to him for a couple years. My friend had been warning me that he is my father and I must allow him to make the choices that are best for him.

During this time, I changed jobs and began to work in a factory where I received good money but I was bored and tired because I worked hard and rarely slept. I wanted new experiences so one of my friends suggested that I find a job working as a housekeeper for a foreign family.  I was excited about the prospect and I thought it would be great if I could learn to speak English. So, I applied and began to work for Todd and Julie Powers.

While working with them, I was saw them do many things that seemed strange to me and I wondered why they have come to live in Thailand. One day I was going to help them distribute food and other items in a Bangkok slum. I wondered, “Why are they doing this? Why do they give the tract and tell everybody God loves you?” I kept that question in my heart until one day when their Thai Christian friend came to tell me about God and the story of Jesus, but I still didn’t believe in God because I was taught Buddhist religion from the time I was a child.

When the Powers family moved to Chiang Mai I came with them and continued working for them. They continued to help people and tell people the Gospel of Jesus. Then one day they invited me to join the Sunday worship at church. I saw everyone sing, dance, pray, and then I heard preaching from the Bible. I wondered in my heart, “Who are they worshiping and why do they seem so happy?” Then Todd asked his Thai friend to share the Gospel of Jesus explaining who God is, who Jesus Christ is, and why he gave His life for me on the cross. After I understood better, I decided to surrender my life to Jesus and put my faith in Him. Now I have experienced the salvation of Jesus. My life has been transformed and I can see the love of God and that makes me love and care for others as He does.

Usually, my family do not display affection and we don’t even know how to demonstrate love to each other. But I experienced the love of God and He transformed my heart to love and care about my family and people around me. He gave me a good heart to help people and share the Good News with people.

Moreover, God shows me his love and power when He allowed me to complete my education. Todd and Julie helped me to complete a high school education and now I have achieved a Bachelor’s degree from university. During my study it wasn’t easy and at times I was tired and discouraged. I doubted my ability to accomplish such a great task. Sometimes I wondered if I would have enough finances to pay the tuition. I was stressed and worry but God was with me and He gave me the wisdom and encourage me to accomplish the goal, and I did!

God empowered me to do something that I thought I wasn’t good enough, bold enough, nor worthy to achieve, but He gave me confidence. He continues to give me confidence and ability to do new things such as teaching kids, sharing the Gospel to people, and even arrange conferences in many communities. I’ve been working with Empower International Ministry for about 18 years now and serve as a board member. God gives me love so I can see his great plan in my life. He has a great plan for each of us and can lead us to make the best decisions. The best thing I can do is trust in Him. I testify that God has transformed my cold heart as well as my entire life and He also can transform your life! God bless you!

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